Electric guitar ... individually ... selfmade

Welcome to my site, where I would like to present my ideas in the field of e-guitar-related and other musical instruments.

I am trying to look at musical instruments from different angles and would like to present alternative, some unusual methods that I've tried.

It is not my intention to denigrate usual operating principles, but there is perhaps one or another approach to improve, simplify, state more precisely or make things more interesting.

My special interests are tapping instruments, historical musical instruments, craft methods and old music, preferably from the Baroque era. I also like the rock music of the seventies I grew up with and in which I actively participated in.

Well have fun browsing, then!

Yours, Jan Jirasko


Body in spiderweb

[Translate to English:] Korpus Polarkoordinaten

In a spider's web can be measured various guitar body contours much easier to compare or. It takes as really only a one coordinate value. The other...

new: START template for 5-string bass

Instruction manual 5-string-bass

The five-string electric bass template should not be missed here either. The most important is the string vibration and instrument geometry, as with...