About Me

Hello, my name is Jan

My acquaintances call Honzo or Hanz to me. I came to Germany almost a quarter of a century ago. Quite legal, together with all his belongings as an exile by the iron curtain.

Played in the sixties and seventies, built and repaired my electric guitars, organs and speaker cabinets in the Czech Republic.The eternal regulation of the repertoire drive me insane.In order to build a new life here on a solid footing, my guitar hobby had long quiet rest. I was a full-time chemist and an electroplater. However, "I was" is right. Now I am a pensioner. It is the chance of life to start with something creative again. Now it is high time to build instruments again.

This time not for me myself but for my sons playing instruments actively and also for the grandchildren! Meanwhile, I must admit that I, the virtual guitar construction just as much fun as the making of wood and hardware parts. Although I am not quite sure whether we can make plans and templates, described as virtual. It is for me but what an exciting trip around the world, where you can stay at home.

Here I am, personally, have over 60 ...

Jan Jirasko

I could keep the working clothes of an electroplaters.I have not found a suitable workshop for my tests yet. Actually this one without a commercial registration is questionable, to set up himself a guitar making workshop with stationary machines, and would be profit intention, a reckless adventure in this phase of life. If nothing else, as in the basement or the beautiful weather on the balcony to work with hand tools.. And a little instrument making for certain might not harm the local carpenter.

I spend most time in front of the PC monitor or the drawing-board. And play the guitar should not be forgotten.

Summer 2012 - now 67 years young

Yes, some time was resting on these pages. But I was constantly on the lookout for interesting methods of guitar making.

... and still under 20 ...

… and with my first completely self-made solid body guitar.

Body:          Beech wood

Neck:          Hardwood (~ maple?) + 12 x 12 mm steel core

Scale:         24,8" (630 mm)

Pickups:       3x "Brilant" Jolana

Operating panel:   3x PU-switch,  1x Switch Master-Volume 60% to100%

Finish:           Nitro black/white

... spare 20 ...

A year later I found the middle pickup unnecessary and this guitar body got edges rounded off more softly and the peghead a little of Beatles and her Rickys.

Two Potentiometers finally are there, too, only the cable jack with a banana plug the technological progress afterwards.

The Tremolo is home-made and of course nickel-plated self with pre-copper plating and polishes on gleaming.

... the Prague spring is past ...

... and my guitar was modified again. This time singlecoil-pickups completely new to me has I self winded a higher output and jacketed with red pearl-acryl. The pickguard from green pearl-acryl was let in and the head plate has green pearl-acryl face this time, too.

...Ten years after ...

Who can afford this, one has originally Gibson LP, not quite impoverished, who has a Japanese variant and me at least two "organized" Ibanez Humbucker for me together with potentiometers, knobs and Toggleswitch. I just had a piece of an old larch wood for the body given got and maple for the neck was also there to this. I made all wood work for rasp and hand drill with ripsaw, chisel. It went fast and was fun.There were unfortunately no jumbo-frets haveSo, I did it myself semi-circular-profile filed of 3 mm diameter brass wire and glued with epoxy to the fretboard. Scale length : 24,8“  (630 mm)

Have I made myself, of course, and even coated myself.The wood surfaces, but I had painted by a professional with 2-K EpoxilackFinally I had to carry quite a modern guitar, and by nearly 3 pounds less!


I build again - A bamboo-Electric Guitar

The break ends, I begin again to build an electric guitar. And because I will finally hear and know how much acoustic potential is in the bamboo, I will take exclusively laminated bamboo. With the shell I'm already quite advanced. A detailed building report is coming soon....

Bamboo electric guitar